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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Qalbi NuR


do you know bout your soul??
there is various dimensions of our soul:

1) Ruh(spirit)
2) Al-Nafs(soul)
3) Al-'aql(reason)
4) Al- Qulb(heart)

every people looks like same but in their heart only Allah know..
what Allah mention in the verse 46 surah al-Hajj:

"It,s not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts"

what do you do to know the status of your heart??

" surely there is a piece of flesh in the body, if it is purified,then the whole body is purified. if it is polluted, the whole body get polluted also. that is our beloved Prophet PBUH said :

dear my beloved ummah,,
Allah had mention that we are the best Ummah,,
so,let us try to be the best..dont let your heart block from the Nur that allah gave to us... it is very special for us to enlighten the whole life,,that is Islam and Iman...
when you claimed Syahadah,,not only give your trust in Him but,, we must strive and hold our hand against the enemy...even the unseen or ghaib.

but before we can defeat them,,we must have the ability to control the faculties in our soul that are knowledge, anger , desire and justice. always be in the middle or moderate neither excess nor deficiency. so,,we can apply the concept of equilibrium in ourself.

try to build a new character according to divine guidance..which is quran and sunnah..
therefore,,i have some tips to achieve the good character...which is i had learned in Islamic Ethics..
1) by nature - divine gift from Allah from the time of birth (bi tabi'i wal fitra)
2) by mortification(mujahadah) and self-training(riyadhah) and habituation(i'tiyad)
- taking pains to perform those actions which proceed from good character until they become habitual and pleasant.
3)by association
- by observing good people and mix with them.
-therefore, direct or indirectly,you can train yourself to be just like them. and that is why our mother/umi told us to find a good friend. is it right? from that,,if we have the basic,,we can also apply the principle to our children or our members of family for having a good character in line with the syariah... and of course,,make our beloved Prophet SAW/PBUH as our perfect example..

according to al-Ghazali, first step to correct the evil character is to create an awareness in man of his evil traits present in himself.
there are 4 method:
1) keep company with a spiritual guide(syaikh)..em kalo 'syeikh kite' tu pun bgus..hehe
2) ask a truthful , pious friend
3) gain the knowledge of one's defect from an enemy
4) mix with people and to describe to oneself the defects one sees in them.

subhanallah...what is being told by one of the greatest thinkers and reformers in the history of Islam should we apply them..this can show the ornament of Islam through ourself if we successfully achieve it...if we already do all the things,,we must have a strong faith with Allah and ask for the istiqamah from Him. let us recite this doa together.
يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلوبنا على دينك وطاعتك

so,,my beloved friend,sahabat,
i guess all of us,,dream to meet Allah ,right?if we don't want to meet Him, of course we meet the maut first and we will be having Yaum Al Qiyamah..
so,let us give the best amalan and set our niah to do an action only for His blessing and His pleasure..Mardhatillah.. wallahua'lam..



maGhfiRah MU...

maGhfiRah MU...

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