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Thursday, September 01, 2011


assalamualaikum w.b.t
allahumma solli 'ala saiyidina muhammad wa aalihi wasohbihi wasallam..

hoping that all of u always in great mood of Raya..

now, what i,m trying to share is...something like this...


some said: should i feel sad for Ramadhan that will last in two days more.. or should i feel happy for the coming of Raya??

answers is: BOTH.. but,, what i want to tell is.. you still being a devotees to Allah... you should have the feeling of sad coz maybe there is no hope that you will or you can meet next Ramadhan,,you can only pray ..hopefully.. this is the last Ramadhan that you perform very-very well... and... for the Eid Mubarak , you should feel happy and enjoy the Eid. coz,,you already done well to overcome your desire..(nafsu)..on many thing through out Ramadhan Kareem.. Allah had gave you an apportunity to perform 'ibadah fi kulli waqtin..(in every single time). And this is Your Victory!!! and you must show your syukur to Allah The Almighty...


bile udah kuar dari Campus of Ramadhon..kite ni kene la stay or istiqamah of what we did..

-zikrullah (alhamdulillah,allahuakbar, selawat, etc.)
-solat sunat/ QIAMULLAIL
-only islamic tv programme is available..=)
-ziarah sedara/org sakit
-leave bad words (belajar cakap baik=) )
-sedekah (as-sidqu)
-always keep your home clean=)
-ziarah kubur dan bagi salam setiap kali lintas depan kubur=)
-and so on...depends on your own life..

you have to make sure on something..your current iman can be changeable... either up or down.. you have to always check it.. how?? by your attitude, how do you think on something, how do you speak to everyone,how do you make a decision ...the most important is,,how do you feel when you doing the good is ikhlas or not.. it is only for your own good or the whole ummah.. well,just a reminder for me too...

MOST important is...SOLAT...apakah tahap kita.. akan dtg... the stage of solah(peringkat @tahap solat kita)...i.allah , if i,m not forgotten..hehe=)


wishing all happy Eid Mubarak..!!!
jom balik kampus..UIA sedang menanti... get our new spirit!!
hayya rattib al-jadual li yusahhil 'alaina fid dirasah fil mustaqbal...Allah is always willing(Insyaallah) =)

wassalamualaikum w.b.t.=)


maGhfiRah MU...

maGhfiRah MU...

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